Thursday, September 26, 2013


My car is in the shop again today. Last time they forgot to replace my brakes. So today my brakes got fixed. That meant I got another rental car. I went to the same rental place because my body shop has a deal with them. Since it had been one week since the last time I was there, they recognized me. Actually I think they felt sorry for me. They remembered me as the van lady. (Last time they only had a van and a truck available. I took the van.)  This time I got lucky and got a fancy car. A Nissan Altima with keyless ignition. How fancy is that? Frankly I find it scary. You mean I can start a car without a key? And the key can leave the car and the car can continue running. Wow!  All I can think is how many ways I lock myself out of a running car with that set up. 

This car was nice and drove well. Basically it got me where I needed to be for the whole 1 gallon of gas I used.  My car is fixed and the brakes feel fine. Safety is my first concern.

Until tomorrow...

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