Saturday, September 14, 2013


Those of you who read my blog know that I have been taking prednisone for, well, forever. Or at least it seems like forever. More like almost 20 years.  At first it was 20 mg for the first 5-7 years. I looked like the Michelin Man. I gained 70 pounds and was SO puffy. I hardly recognize myself in my grad school graduation photos. 

Then I decreased down to 10 mg and I have been at 10 mg for last 10 years or so. Each time I tried to decrease further I would flare or get sick.  It just was impossible to decrease.  Until today.

Today I have gone one week at 9 mg.  I was trying to do it methodically. First a couple of days at 9.5 mg, the rest of the days at 10 mg. then some days at 9 mg and others at 10 mg. It was going great at first. Then my memory problems kicked in and I began to forget what days I was taking 9 and what days I was taking 10. "What the hay!" I said. I finally just took all days at 9 mg and now I am at 9 mg. 

Next I will decrease to 8 mg. Then 7, 6, 5.  I have been told that since I have been on steroids for so long I may never get off the steroids completely. I have probably ruined my body's adrenal glands ability to produce cortisone on their own. I will probably have to stay on 5 mg forever. This is the amount the body produces naturally. Hey 5 mg is better than 10 mg.

Now maybe I can lose the weight I gained. Wouldn't that be nice?  Only 58 pounds to go. Yippee!

Until tomorrow...

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