Friday, September 20, 2013


Yesterday Brenda went down to the pond in the backyard and thought she saw fish babies.  She called
me and told.  I was not sure I believed her.  Baby fish?  Nah.

Then today I went to feed the fish and there was a flash.  It was for just an instant out of the corner of my eye.  If Brenda had not mentioned the babies, I would not have even thought about it.  Then there it was again.  A white flash.  A baby fish.  About the size of a piece of orzo pasta.  Then I saw another flash but this time it was orange.  Another baby fish.  This is so exciting.  At least two baby fish!

When we moved into the house I had a pond expert come and clean out the pond.  At that time we had a lot of fish; about 27.  After he cleaned it out we had some babies born.  It was exciting but we didn't notice them until they were much bigger. Probably because we had some many fish.  This is just so exciting because they are SO little.  My babies are having babies.

It is also exciting because after I cleaned the pond I mentioned to Brenda that we should go buy some more fish.  Now we don't have to.  Our fish have had baby fish!  I guess cleaning out the pond is worth the trouble if we get baby fish out of the deal.  Or maybe it is just a coincidence?

Until tomorrow...

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