Thursday, September 5, 2013


Today I was leaving a client's office when I looked down.  On the ground I saw what looked like a bank credit card.  I stopped and did a double take.  It could not be a credit card.  But it was.  It was also a transit card and another card.  I picked it up immediately and looked around.  No one was on the sidewalk.  I quickly tucked the cards in my pocket and looked around for a police officer.  I was in an area where there are lots of cops.

On the way to my car I ran into no cruisers so I decided to go to a police station around the corner.  A few minutes later I pulled up to what I thought was a police station.  It turns out it was a police union shop and a police uniform and supply pick up location but there were plenty of police officers in attendance.  I went up to an officer and told him I found a bank card around the corner and needed to know what to do with it.  He jokingly said "You didn't use it?  That is what everyone else would do."  I told him I am not like everyone else.  I am one of the few honest folks! 

He took down my information and asked me where I found it, etc.  Then he took the cards.  I jokingly asked him what was stopping him from using the card to go shopping?  He said he was well paid and didn't need to use it. 

So I guess I did my good deed for the day.  I hope the person gets their stuff back.  I sure hope they were not mugged or anything.  Maybe they just dropped it but it seems weird that it would be three cards if they dropped it. 

Until tomorrow...

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