Saturday, September 28, 2013


Today was Brenda's birthday. She turned 55 today. We tried to make it special but today was not a great day. First I had a work thing that took all morning. It was not a pleasant work thing either.

Then we went to my neighbor's Celebration of Life. If you remember my neighbor's husband passed away unexpectantly a month ago. It was a charming ceremony. We stayed for two hours but then we needed to leave. We had not had lunch and were starving. We took public transportation to the gathering and on the way home there was traffic.  We thought we would never get to a restaurant. Finally we got to the restaurant and it was not open yet. We ditched that idea and went to another place. We ate a ton of food. Then we went across the street to the market and got a small dessert.  When we got home we watched a movie "Snitch".  The day ended on a good note.

Until tomorrow...

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