Friday, December 7, 2012


Don't you hate it when a website refuses your password?  Because I know I put the correct password in.  I know the password was phonecall.  I know it was.  But for some reason the website will not recognize this password. 

So I have to press the "reset" button.  I HATE the reset button.  Why?  you ask.  Because some websites send you the new temporary password right away, boom there it is in your inbox.  And on you go with your task.  But others don't.  It is a crap shoot and here I am waiting to buy something or do something and now I have to wait.  For who knows how long.  The steam is going out of my energy in performing the thing I was going to do.  Today I was going to buy office supplies.  I made the list, checked it twice, and sat down to log in.  No luck.  Either your user name or password is incorrect.  Huh?!  I know what they are.  I enter it in three times, no luck.  I have to hit the reset button, ergh...

It just arrived.  I timed it.  It took 12 minutes for the temporary password to arrive.  Twelve minutes!  Usually by now I have moved onto another project because, frankly, who has 12 minutes to wait for a temporary password to arrive?  I sure don't.  I had allotted 12 minutes for this entire task. 

What in the world takes 12 minutes for an automated system to send me a temporary password?  They already know it is me and my user name and email match up.  It should take 30 seconds to 1 minute to send a temporary password.  It can't be that they are suddenly inundated with users that need temporary passwords.  All of a sudden thousands of users forgot their password and need temporary passwords... 

I don't know what takes so long but if I were in their marketing department, I would take a long look as to why.  I know that if I was any busier, and didn't have this blog post to write, I would have moved on and would not have bought my office supplies today.  It would have been their loss.  I think I missed my calling to work in Marketing.  I could just go around and tell companies what their problems are and how to fix them in order to increase their business.  A Fixer!

Okay, well, I got my temporary password, time to get back to business and purchase those office supplies and keep America's economy rolling right along!

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Until tomorrow...

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  1. I hate it when websites do that, too. And while, realistically, 12 minutes is not really much time to wait at all--it can be the length of a comfortable loo break--we've become so used to instant results that 12 minutes seem like forever. I do empathize.

    Hope you're feeling good this weekend. Enjoy the time off! And hey, no rain!


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