Saturday, December 8, 2012


I love to send out Christmas cards. I love to get Christmas cards.  I love everything about Christmas. I have been wearing Christmas clothing since the day after Thanksgiving.  Enough said.  I enjoy the Christmas season.

As I said I like sending out Christmas cards.  I know it is hard on my hands but I try really hard to make it as easy as possible.  I have mailing labels that I update year to year.  I have return address labels that I print out.  I make one sentiment and use it for almost all of the cards so I don't have to think too much.  I just take my time and write the same thing over and over. 

Occasionally I get creative and do something big like a few years ago when I made homemade cards.  I invited my friend Ana over to help me.  She has down syndrome and she was really excited to help me make cards.  I even made stickers with a photo of she and I on it to put on the back of the cards saying made by...  We glued a photo and  put glitter around it and stuck labels. It was an all day project.  Ana did the glittering and she had that glitter everywhere!  But boy did we have fun.  We had the music going and we danced.  The people getting the glitter cards were less than delighted when the glitter went all over their house.  Hey it is the holidays.  Glitter is a must!

This year I have a new strategy.  See, every year we have cards left over.  Well, you can't send the same card the next year, can you?  We don't.  We go out and buy new cards.  Since I am a crazy tree hugger, I have to find 100% recycled paper or some sort of non-tree paper cards to send and that takes time and money.    This year I came up with a wonderful plan: we are going to send out all those cards left over from previous years!  I wrote a little note to put in the card telling everyone about our marvelous plan to be economical, environmental and entertaining by sending them cards from previous years.  Some folks will get photo cards of the family from a few years ago. Some will get a humorous card we sent out five years ago when we first moved.  It should be funny.  We will see if anyone remembers the cards from previous years. 

Anyway, the cost from Christmas cards this year - 0.  Except the stamps and my time to print out the notes.  Well worth the time to clear out the boxes of old cards.  At any rate I am having fun!

Don't forget to  nominate me for 2012 WEGO Health Activist Unsung Hero Award!  I need those nominations!!!

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  1. I love Christmas too! Especially the tree lights and various others I have up. I start putting things up slowly at the end of Nov then I can enjoy them all through Dec. I like your idea of recycling the cards but I must admit at not being so tree conscious and have cards already printed with our message and names - hubby licks the envelopes(sjorgrens- no saliva) and I manage to stick address labels on or write. Very easy.
    When I was teaching the cleaner used to chase me with her duster because the kids and I used to make so much mess with the glitter!
    Take care.
    Lorna x


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