Monday, December 3, 2012


I got a very surprising email this weekend.  I have been nominated for a 2012 WEGO Health Activist Unsung Hero Award.  The Unsung Hero Award is "The member of your community who may not know how amazing and valuable they are."  ME, Amazing?! Really?  I need people to endorse me to get the award.  If you wish to endorse me, click on the WEGO Health badge, enter your email and click Endorse Me

This is so exciting!  First Happi gets first place in the dog show and now I get nominated for a Health Award!  Whoever nominated me, thank you.  You really made my day.  I had to insert this award badge into my blog, so I learned something new too!  Today has been a wonderful day.

So much makes today a great day.  The rain came and went and nothing floated away, drowned, came crashing down and we didn't lose electricity.  I fixed my table top all by myself.  Okay, my brother did an over the phone consult and the guy at the hardward store bore out the holes but besides that I did it all myself.  We had a table top made years ago that fits over our current dining room table.  When I bought the table second hand the person lost the leaf.  I hired a guy to make a table top that seats 6-8 people.  It is very nice but when we moved one of the pieces that holds the table top on the table fell off, okay got ripped off.  I thought I would have to have a professional person put it back on.  But I consulted with my bro and he said he thought I could do it.  Today I sanded, filled the holes, sanded again, glued, and drilled.  All fixed.

I also cleared out more stuff from my office (it is never ending, it feels like) and went food shopping.  The store looked like everyone thought a hurricane was coming.  Store shelves were empty.  It was a storm for goodness sake.  

Until tomorrow...


  1. Well done!
    I don't think you realise how much I and others enjoy your blog and find it informative and useful.
    Lorna x

  2. Thank you very much Lorna! You are very sweet.



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