Thursday, June 14, 2012

Unique Gift Ideas

Over the years I have had a tough time with presents for my parents.  It is hard to buy presents for people who can buy themselves the items that they need. So I am always on the lookout for creative ideas.  Especially gifts that can be used up. Things like food items.  Some ideas I have given are soup, wine, croissants, candy, and a ball.

The biggest hit so far I think was the soup.  I think it was a hit because they also send cookies.  Who doesn't like soup and cookies?!  The company let's you pick out the types of soup you want to send. Then they send cookies that you pop into the oven!  Freshly baked cookies!!

The candy was the biggest disappointment.  I think it was some bacon flavored candy that was supposed to be delicious.  I think I read about it in the Oprah magazine.  Everyone said it was horrible.  I think it went into the trash.

Someone recently gave me the croissants that I have given others and they were fabulous.  They come cold and you put them in the freezer.  The night before you take them out and leave them out all night while they poof up.  Then in the morning you put them in the oven for about 12 minutes.  Croissants anyone!?

I sent my dad the ball for Father's Day.  It is a regular ball that the company writes on and sends in a box with the ball showing through.  It is a really cute gift.  Not just for kids either.  My dad thought it was great!

If you have any great, unique gift ideas please share!  I love a unique gift.

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  1. You always do a great job with creative, fun gifts that are things you wouldn't try for yourself, but are then glad you had a chance to when you get them.

    I like to get appropriate, thoughtful gifts for people but it's hard. It's almost a year-round endeavor, keeping on the lookout for good gift options.


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