Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rats - 1, Me - 0

The score is Rats-1 and Me-0.  I put the rat traps out the night before last and caught not a single rat.  Of course some time in the middle of the night it began to rain.  I guess rats don't like the rain. Who knew?

"Rat Trap" by Surachai

In the morning I hobbled out on one crutch to cover up the traps.  I am worried that birds will fly down and try to eat the peanut butter and get the smack down!  I don't want to catch some unwitting bird.

Tonight I try again! I want to get rid of those destructive creatures.  I am not an animal killer I am a lover.  But these vermin are killing my backyard.  I swear if I could get someone in to do this for me, I would.  They just want to put out poison and I can't have that with the pups.  They are already so curious about the covered traps I would worry having anything they could put their noses near.

So forgive me for wanting the rats to move out or risk the death in the trap.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Well, I love critters too, but rats are a problem. You get a couple hanging around, and before long you've got 10... then 100... Be patient. Your traps will work, particularly if you set them near where they've already done damage. Good luck!


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