Monday, June 11, 2012

Not One Rat

I put out five traps.  I saw one rat.  I caught zero rats.  I called a pest control company.  No answer.  I called another. Left a message.  Yelp says he is the 5 star guy to get rid of rats.  Let's see.  I need the five star guy.  This whole thing is creeping me out.

What is it about rats that are so cute when they are in Disney movies but so icky when you see them in your backyard or in the subway?  Is it that Disney draws them cute and gives them adorable names?  Ratatouille.  Now isn't that cute?  I don't stop eating cold soup because it has a rat's name.  I want to adopt the little critter.  But that rat I saw last night sent shivers down my spine.  He slithered along the bushes and went inside one.  I was trying to get the dog inside before she noticed the pest.

I saw Happi try to trap a rat or mouse once.  Now picture this:  Happi has one front leg so she had this mouse (I'll say mouse because it sounds better for some reason) trapped with her front foot but it was wriggling.  She didn't have another foot to hold it so it wriggled free.  Happi wasn't ready to let it go. She hopped back on it and tried to catch it again.  But the mouse got away.    He doesn't know how lucky he got.

Health Update: Still have the low grade fever. Put a call into the doc.  Waiting for a call back.

Until tomorrow...

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