Friday, March 3, 2017


My day started with a visit from Comcast.  For those of you who read all the time, you might remember I had a problem with Comcast almost exactly a year ago.  I had them come to fix the cable issue at least three times and still it was not fixed.

Then I went on vacation, got sick with meningitis, the flu, and got back to work.  Then I started the adoption process.  I never could come up with the time to get the cable fixed.  I know it is going to be a long process.  Last year it was three appointments and they could not fix it.  Who knows how many appointments it will take to fix this time.

The problem has gotten worse and now I can't watch a show most times without having the picture  flicker.  It is annoying.  The guy came and didn't have the part he needed.  He is coming back Wednesday.  Appointment 1 done.

Then the gardener came and cleared out the backyard.  It looks great.

Then the handyman came and did a few things.

I went to see Table19 at the movies.  I thought it was a comedy but it is more of a romcom.  It was funny but a little sappy for me.  I liked it.

Until tomorrow..

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