Saturday, March 25, 2017


Me and the pups met with a dog walker/sitter. She is very nice.  She was worried about my dogs and her dog.  I already know that they will be fine since Happi and Lucky have been fine with other dogs.

Well they loved her.  This is all good news.

I spent the afternoon shopping for eye glass frames.  My friend M went with me from store to store trying on frames.  I must have tried on 50 frames.  I found a few that I liked but none that I love.  I feel that I need to love a pair of eye glass frames that I am going to wear every day for the next X number of years.  Years ago I had someone convince me that a pair of frames looked good on me and I bought them.  I have probably worn them for a total of one week in all these years.  Mostly when my other glasses broke.

So the search continues. 

Until tomorrow...

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