Saturday, March 11, 2017


I had taken photos of the continuing flickering of the cable picture to show the cable guy.  This morning I called the cable guy's supervisor.  I explained the situation and he said he would be at my home in a few hours.

When they arrived, they tested this and that.  It turned out that the cable boxes are old and some part of them was "full" and not able to work correctly anymore.  Really??  That was why I was having more and more issues.  They checked all the wires and even brought in the cherrypicker to check the outside wires.  New boxes were installed and checked.  All the TVs were checked and they all worked. I was happy.  After two hours they left.

I worked on my taxes for a few hours and then made dinner and sat down to watch some TV.  The remote control launched the channel guide but the arrows would not work.  I could not go up and down or left and right.  I could not get the guide to turn off.  I tried another remote control (I have a few with all the cable boxes I have had) and still no luck.

I finally went within inches of the cable box and I could change the channel.  Something was wrong with the new cable box.  UGH! I called the cable supervisor (he worked late on Saturdays) and he said he could not come by tonight but he would arrange someone to come by Sunday morning.

I checked the box downstairs and it worked great so I watched TV downstairs.

Until tomorrow...

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