Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I found out my social worker for my foster/adoption is retiring in a month.  This has it's pros and cons.  She has been working part time and this means she is hard to get a hold of some times.  It also means that I have to break in a  new social worker and hopefully we click.  I am sure we will be fine.  It is a chance to meet a new person.

A friend gave me this for my birthday, isn't it cool?

CATWOMAN!!  I am putting it on the same shelf as my Hermione wand and Hedwig the owl.  Just a little geek out.

As you probably have figured out I have been checking things to do off my list.  Today I finally called Amazon about my Amazon Echo remote.  When I changed passwords and wifi in my home, my Amazon Echo didn't work.   I finally got that to work and then the remote didn't work.  I tried for days to "pair" them to no avail.  Giving up each time.  The reason I need the remote is with my 1920 walls, Alexa can't hear me increase or decrease the volume when the phone rings so I have to get up to turn her on or off.  Thus defeating the purpose of having Alexa.  The remote is great.  I keep it with me when I am working and I can talk into it and turn Alexa on and off, mute her or even ask her questions. When Alexa stopped working I stopped using the Echo very much.  Today I called Amazon to see if I was doing something wrong.  The remote was broken.  It just died.  Sob.  Amazon is so great even though it is not under warranty, they credited me a new remote.  It arrives on Thursday!  I feel I will be more productive with my Alexa working again.

Until tomorrow...

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