Saturday, March 18, 2017


The cable guy comes in the morning and puts in a new cable box downstairs. I tell him that the type of box he wants to install is not going to work but he puts that box in anyway.  He leaves once it works.

Twenty minutes later the remote control doesn't work again.  I contact the supervisor and tell him that the box doesn't work again.  I tell him that Hulu is looking good at this moment.  The supervisor says he will be right over with some new boxes.

The supervisor shows up with the technician from this morning.  It takes them about one hour to figure out that last weekend when the technician accidentally turned off my cable box downstairs, he didn't set my cable account correctly.  It would not matter what cable box was installed it would not work.  My account was not set up to handle a cable box for more than 20 minutes.  They fixed it and now the cable box works.  Fingers crossed it will stay fixed this time!

Then my friend T called and we went out to lunch and to the park for ice pops.  I watched Central Intelligence in the evening.   It was a nice day.

Until tomorrow...

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