Thursday, March 16, 2017


Last night I was watching TV and channel surfing.  All of a sudden the remote control ceased working.  I could not change channels or move the volume control.  This was a bit of deja vu.  The same thing happened with the other cable box a few days ago.  Now it is happening with this cable box.  If I got two feet from the cable box the remote control worked fine.  The cable box was broken.  I must have a record at breaking cable boxes in four days. 

Today I called my contact, the supervisor, at Comcast and he promised me they would bring a new box on Saturday.  I am super busy tomorrow and can't wait around for Comcast.  He can't believe both the boxes died in less than a week.

Maybe my Comcast is possessed?!

Today I wore a pair of my birthday socks.  They are SO fun!  They say Party Animal. 

Until tomorrow...

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