Thursday, March 23, 2017


The handyman came today and banged out a bunch of things.  He finished two shelves and installed them.  He made the hole in my cabinet so my TV cords no longer are in the front.  I can now close my cabinet doors.  After 7 years the brass hinges on my cabinets in the kitchen have been replaced with the brushed silver that match the rest of the kitchen.  They look so nice.

He finished painting my door.  It was a great day.  The house is looking great.  If it would only stop raining long enough he could fix the outside stuff.

While he was doing his work, I cleaned out the water cooler that the ants were under.  I had laid it down to clean the bottom and I guess something kicked up some junk and I had to clean the whole thing out.  I took all the parts apart and cleaned them all.  No ants had gotten in the inside or even on the outside that I could tell.  It just got junky inside when I laid it down.  I am sure the compressor had to settle down once I sat it upright.  It took about one hour but now the water is clear and cold again.

Until tomorrow...

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