Sunday, March 12, 2017


At 9:30 am my doorbell rang and I was still in my pajamas.  Comcast was supposed to call before coming but they were at my door.  The cable guy came in and switched the cable box in a few minutes.  Everything with that TV worked great.

Ten minutes after he left I checked the TV downstairs and all the channels that are pay channels didn't work.  No MTV, no HBO, no LOGO.  UGH!  I called Comcast and told them what happened.  Turned out the cable guy took out the cable box that didn't work from upstairs but he turned off the cable box from downstairs that did work.  They tried to fix it over the phone but they could not.  They had to schedule a tech to come out.  One and half hours later I get my fourth phone call from Comcast from the tech that came that morning apologizing from turning off the wrong cable box. He already turned it back on.  Everything was working.  Yeah!  Hopefully this is the end of my Comcast visits for a while.

Now do you see why I hesitate calling Comcast?  It is never easy with them.  It is always 3-4 visits. A week or two of Comcast.  At least this time it was escalated to a supervisor quickly.  I have clear and watchable cable again one year later.  Yay!

Then I finished my tax preparation for my tax meeting tomorrow.  What a day.

Until tomorrow...

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