Saturday, January 7, 2017


We are preparing for the storm of the year.  For two days that is all everyone is talking about.  There is a storm scale 1-5.  The storm tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be a 4.  Everyone is buying bread and milk.  They actually sent out an alert  reminding everyone to charge their cellphones.  I plugged in my iPad, kindle and computer as well to charge them up.  If I am going to be without electricity for hours I need something to do in the dark.

It is now 10:20 pm.  The storm was supposed to arrive at 9 pm.  It is currently not raining at all.

Earlier today I filled four sandbags and put them in front of my garage just in case.  I also put some sand (left over from filling the pond) on my slate in the backyard where the moss slime is getting slippery.  Happi slipped last night on the slime.

I think we are ready to be stuck inside tomorrow.  I have food and water.  I have extra batteries.

Cross your fingers we don't float away.

Until tomorrow...

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