Monday, January 9, 2017


I don't think I mentioned that my fish Clam (of Clam & Chowder) passed away.  He died really fast and I don't know what happened. 

Two days ago Chowder looked sick.  I rushed to the pet store and they told me to put salt in the water.  I did that for two days and this morning I woke up and she was covered in salty looking things.  I rushed back to the pet store and they tested the water.  It was a little low on Ph but they said it sounded like ick.  Now we are on a regiment of ick medicine, salt, and changing water.  Hopefully Chowder will live through this.  She has been through so much. 

This afternoon I took Happi to see her orthopedist.  I have had concerns that the brace on her wrist has been causing her stress.  One day her wrist was swollen after wearing it.  Three times she laid down during the walk and got a bit woozy.  I had to carry her home.  I wanted to get her checked out. 

The problem we always have is is it her back, her hips or her wrist?  I wish she could talk and tell us.  When I take her in to the vet she is so hyped up they can't tell anything.  She seems fine.   The final analysis is that I need to walk her more often but only for 10 minutes.  Then after about 3 weeks increase to 12 minutes.  Also I am to keep the brace off unless I feel it will help.  I should use the pain killers as needed.  Checking in in three weeks.  Happi has gained weight and she needs to work it off.  The doctor and I had a disagreement about Happi's weight.  I have always measured her food since she can't really gain weight.  I rarely give treats instead I give her her kibble for treats.  I tried to explain to the doctor that Happi's lack of exercise is the problem, not the amount of food.  She is getting the same amount of food she has always had.  If I give her less food, she will sit in the kitchen and cry.  Happi just needs to walk.  All her muscle mass is gone after 6 months of laying around.

Overall it was a good visit with the doctor.  

Until tomorrow...

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