Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I have a problem with my ear.  Inside my ear.  It has been about a week.  At first I just thought I scratched the inside of my ear and it hurt.  But it has not gotten better and now it seems to hurt worse.  Last night it really hurt when I laid on that side.  It hurts when I touch it.

I called my doctor and he is home sick.  I told him to get the flu shot.  Every year I give him hell for not getting the flu shot and this year he is home sick for a week.  Maybe next year he will listen to me.

Anyway he thinks I have an infection in my ear. Not an ear infection.  Like I scratched the inside of my ear and it got infected.  Or I ruptured my ear drum.  Either way I am back on antibiotics.  I have to see if that helps in a few days and if it doesn't I will need to call a ENT doctor to get my ear checked out.  Fingers crossed.

It is funny.  I had a talk with someone recently who was so sad that I had RA.  I said that I appreciate that but for me the RA is a pain (no pun intended)  but the infections and other things I get from having RA are more challenging for me.  So far nothing I can't manage.

Until tomorrow...

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