Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Why are people so afraid of treating other people like human beings?  Tonight a neighbor and I were speaking while I was walking the dogs.  Another neighbor drove by in his car and told the neighbor I was speaking to that a "crazy person" was sitting on her front steps.  She was not going to go home because she was scared.  I told her I would walk her home.  Between me and my two crazy and loud dogs, the person would be nuts to stick around.  Plus, I would not hesitate to call the police if anything happened.  I have them on speed dial.

When we got to her steps, I politely asked the guy to move along. He was just sitting there eating some fruit.  He said sure.  I told him I appreciate it.  The neighbor scurried into her home.  I kept walking along with the dogs.  They didn't even get a weird vibe from him or they would have growled.  But I did notice they didn't go up to him and they go up to everyone.  The guy moved along up the street and later in the walk I saw him and he said hello. 

I consult with agencies that work with the homeless, mental health, low income folks and children so I have learned that if you treat people with respect and humanity you will get the same in return. 

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