Monday, November 30, 2015


Day 91.  Today is the last day of month three "Make it a Home."  Here is the round up:

I was very good at:
  • Getting rid of things that don't work - I got rid of a bookshelf, TV stand, hanging things, printer, and much more.
  • Use up what I have - I took my printer table and used it for a TV table.
  • Buy needful things - I bought magazine holders to hold my client work.  I got a Food Saver. 
  • Get rid of awful things - I got rid of the awful TV stand that was monstrous. 
  • Hang pictures that make me smile - I have been framing art like crazy.  I want pictures on the walls.  No more empty walls!
  • Make it my home - I am little by little making it my home.  People are commenting on it.
  • Let it go!  I am letting things go.  Get stuff out.
 I was not as successful at making my sanctuary.  I am still working on this.  It takes time.

But today I did very little.  I am sick.  It came on very fast.  Yesterday I was coughing a little bit and my nose has been running since August.  Then last night I didn't feel that great.  Over the weekend I would get hot and chilled but it is cold here.  Then today I woke up and felt awful.  Coughing and runny nose and chills.  I called the doc and got a Z-pack.  Don't want it to be bronchitis by Wednesday. 

Going to sleep.

Until tomorrow...

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