Sunday, November 22, 2015


Day 83.  Today was an interesting day.  I got a frame for the art I am framing.  I moved some pictures around.  I am getting ready for my relatives visiting in a few days.  I did some food shopping, laundry, etc.  Weekend work.

Then I ate some lunch and promptly fell asleep.  I was watching the Lego movie.  Every time I watch the Lego movie I fall asleep.  It is like Ambien for me.  Last time I was on the plane to Vegas and I was 8 minutes in and I dozed off.

I finally got some invoicing done.  I had promised myself I would do some invoicing this weekend.  My clients are starting to be concerned.  I have to get up to date.  This task sucks but I have to do it.

Until tomorrow...

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