Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Day 72. Big day today!  We cleaned out the pond.  We took all the water, plants, muck out of the pond.  It took 3 hours but there is nothing left.  It is a big hole in the ground.  I decided that until the drought is over, it was better to empty it.  The raccoons and other wildlife were not going to stop trying to hunt for food so it would be futile to fill the pond back up and restock it with fish.  I would be back to ground zero in a few months.  For now the pond stays empty.  The neighbors will appreciate that the smell has gone away.  Pond muck smells like rotten eggs.  Not that I know what rotten eggs smell like but it is what I assume rotten eggs smell like.

I also had dinner with a new friend, R.  I was happy to hear from her because we seem to get along so well.  Unfortunately she is moving away in a few weeks but she swears she will stay in touch.

Until tomorrow…

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