Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Day 86.  The day before Thanksgiving.  Today is the day of preparation.  Yesterday I had no plans for Thanksgiving.  I was going to relax before my parents came to visit.  Maybe get some work done.  Maybe clean the house.

Then my friend J texted me to see what I was doing.  I said maybe going to a restaurant, maybe volunteering.  He said fine sign me up.  I spent about an hour trying to find a vegan restaurant that was open and had space.  No luck.  I was just about to give up and my friend C called and I asked her what she was doing.  She said nothing.  I said why don't you both come over.  One thing, you have to bring your own food.  I can't cook because my parents are coming.  They both said fine.  C started trying to find one of those "whole turkey dinner in a box" type things from the supermarket.  Unfortunately they were all sold out.  They finally settled on a platter of turkey and mashed potatoes.  I said I would make stuffing, broccoli and roasted root veggies.  I bought a vegan pecan pie.  Dinner was made.  Some call it Orphan Thanksgiving.  Others call it Friendsgiving. 

Then I got a phone call from another friend T asking me if I had plans for Thanksgiving.  I was so grateful that he would think of me and invite me for the day.  It was so sweet of him.

Until tomorrow...

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