Sunday, November 1, 2015


Day 62.  I had a hard time getting the glitter off my body.  I put glitter on my arms, chest and face.  Now I can't get it all off.  I will be glittery for days! 

My fairy wings looked great but probably not the best choice for a crowded party.  I could not move around easily.  I did get a lot of compliments for my costume.

Today I had a neighbor come over to talk about travel. She had been to many places around the globe.  She gave me some insight into places to visit and things to see.  She also spoke about traveling together. 

The poor Mets.  They lost the World Series.  They didn't get beat, they lost the series.  All the errors, the way they played.  It seemed like they didn't want to win.  They had no fire.  Too bad.

Until tomorrow...

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