Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Day 64.  Today I put away the Halloween things and took out my few Thanksgiving things. There were a few items that I decided had lived their life.  They needed to go.  Go to the great trash/recycling/compost bin in the sky. It felt good to get rid of things. 

Two days ago it started getting cold.  When it got dark, it got cold.  Okay, not Minnesota cold but California cold.  I had to dig out my fleece jacket to walk the dogs at 5 pm.  Plus I had a long sleeve shirt and a bike type cover on.  I wished I had a scarf and gloves. 

Tonight I dug out my electric heater that looks like a little radiator and cleaned it off.  I plugged it in and now it is pumping away.  I just want to warm up the room before I go to sleep.  My fingers were blue!  Now it is Toasty!

Until tomorrow...

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