Saturday, November 21, 2015


Day 82.  I have a friend!  R came over for the whole afternoon.  We hung out and had lunch/dinner.  We talked and then we watched a movie.  We had a technical glitch when I could not get the Roku working but we finally settled on watching an HBO movie from the 70's.  Pink Panther Strikes Again with Peter Sellers.  I forgot how funny those movies were.  It was fun to watch an old movie.

I spent the morning moving my TVs around.  I had my bigger TV (of course compared to the TVs other people have it is small) in my back room which is now my office.  I thought I would enjoy watching TV back there.  I realized that I didn't enjoy watching TV in that room and in the chair I have in that room.  So I wanted to move the big TV into the living room and put the smaller TV in the back office.

TV in the Living Room
TV in the back office on a new stand
I managed to lift the big TV on to that shelf by myself.  It was not easy!  I am really happy with the switch.  My friend enjoyed watching the movie on the larger TV.  Now we can sit on the couch and get comfortable.  Now I need a coffee table!!

Here is the photo of the empty pond.  It rained a bit so there is a little bit of water in the bottom.

Until tomorrow...

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