Monday, November 16, 2015


Day 77.  Today is the day I go home.  Can't say I am upset.  This was a fun trip but I was happy to go home.

I had my last morning of vegan french toast.  I just love that french toast.  Yum!  Then I walked back from the Encore to Paris (another 1.5 miles) and met up with my family.  We did a family photo so we could save this moment for posterity.

Then I went shopping with one of my brothers and his wife.  I needed to buy my niece a birthday present.  I got her a very trendy present.  I would never have know to get her this if I had been shopping on my own.

Then it was time to go.  My flight was a little bumpy with all the wind.

My pups were so happy to see me.  Puppy kisses all around.

Until tomorrow...

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