Sunday, July 26, 2015


This week I finally got my windshield fixed.  Over 1.5 years ago a rock hit my windshield and cracked it.  It was a 3" crack right along my windshield wiper.  It didn't go all the way through the glass and it was hard to see under the wipers, so I didn't get it fixed.  I let it just stay.  It bothered me but not enough to get it fixed.  Since it hasn't rained in the west in forever, I didn't worry about it leaking.

Then about 6 months ago it started to grow.  Bit by bit it started to sneak across my windshield.  By the time I took it in this week, it grown to about 9-12 inches across.  I felt it was starting to get dangerous.

Now I have a sparkling new windshield.  I am afraid to stick my Garmin GPS on it.  The only drawback is that it smells like stinky adhesive.  I know it will go away but in the meantime every time I close the windows I get lightheaded.  Luckily the weather has been nice. 

Now I need to clean the car to make that sparkly too.  If only there weren't water restrictions... 

Until tomorrow...

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  1. A small rock chipped my windshield when I was a teenager, and my dad told me to get it fixed right away. I didn't want to spend the time or money, so I ignored him until the crack grew. As a young girl, I was really scared I'd have a bad experience getting it replaced, but the shop was great about it.


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