Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I have been trying to hire an assistant to help work on projects for a week now.  First I hired one through an online company.  She was a nice girl (I will call her M) but M was not a proactive person.  I asked her to call about getting touch up paint for my cabinets and she called the company.  She said the woman told her I could get the paint at Lowe's.  I checked online and there was no touch up paint for my cabinets.  I asked her to enter some information in Excel and she didn't know how to use Excel.  I asked her to enter some dates in my calendar and she missed some of my dates.  I will not be asking her back.  She was a nice girl but not for this type of task.

Then my new friend A said she needed some money so I asked her.  She could get all the tasks done but since we are friends, we talked WAY TOO MUCH.  I have to think about if I am going to ask her back to work.  I think we make better friends than having her as my assistant.

The really big problem is that I need to be prepared with projects.  I have so much work and I have to have the things ready for the assistant to do so they don't have to wait around for me to give them the next project or give them the phone number or whatever.  Maybe the biggest problem is me.  I can't let go.  I think I will try one more time.  I will be more organized this time.  Set the work and the time frame.

Until tomorrow...

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