Thursday, July 9, 2015


Today has been a day of the ankle.  I got up early and saw my ankle doctor.  She pulled out the pages of MRI photos.  She kept pointing out "see this, it means _____".  OK.  Whatever you say.  "The white means fluid on this scan but not on this scan."  There was a LOT of fluid.  She had no idea why I have so much fluid in my ankle and leg.  Then she started pushing and poking.  The part I hate the most.

Poke.  Ouch.  Poke.  I almost jump off the table.  Poke.  I want to scratch her eyes out.  Poke.  Doesn't hurt.  Humm.  Why doesn't that hurt?  I don't know.  Poke.  Eek.  That hurts. Okay you can stop anytime now.  We know it hurts. 

She decided that the first step is to stick a long needle full of some fluid in my ankle.  Yeah that hurt.  Not as much as last time, so that is something.  After a few hours it was clear that the injection did not help the pain but made it worse.   I chipped the cartilage on my ankle but it is not causing the pain.  Thank goodness because fixing my ankle would require a horrible surgery.

Then because my leg has what she called "bubble wrap" under my skin, I had to go buy compression socks to wear for a week to see if they help.  The question is if the varicose veins in my legs are causing some of the pain.  I get to wear these fashionable compression socks for a week:

Sexy, huh?!

Until tomorrow...

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