Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I went to see my breast cancer doctor today.  She did the breast exam and found a little something. She thinks it is a cyst and fibrocystic thickness.  She did an ultra sound over and over again.  The spot hurt a bit.  She ordered my usual MRI and mammogram.  She is going to see what the MRI shows.

Oh, there is this new 3D mammogram that I can get if my insurance company will pay for it.  I think it is cool.  I will receive more radiation but what is more radiation with all the x-rays and Cat scans I have had already.  I keep saying I am going to glow when I am 90.  If the insurance company doesn't pay for it, I can pay for it out of pocket or go for the 2D mammogram.

I have to see her in 6 months instead of the usual one year.  I know I should be concerned but I have had so much chaos in my life lately that one more thing on top of the pile doesn't get me riled up. 

I will go for the mammogram and MRI over the next few weeks and I will have my answer.  I am sure it will all be fine.  The power of the Tiara!

Until tomorrow...

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