Thursday, July 16, 2015


Went back to the ankle doctor today.  My ankle has been hurting more since I have been wearing the compression socks.  I am not sure why the socks are bothering my ankle but they are.

The doctor said I don't have to wear the compression socks all the time only when I am standing for long periods of time.  I am going to talk to my primary doctor about why my legs are holding fluids.

She moved my foot around and looked at it.  I had taken photos of the spots where it hurts when I walk.  She said those were very helpful. She gave me a shot to see if that helps.

The new plan is to get a new MRI before surgery.  Yup I said surgery.  She thinks I have torn the ligament in the back part of my ankle.  I already had the ligament on the front of my ankle torn and fixed.  Now it is the back ligament that it is torn and causing pain in the front of my ankle.  I am now thinking of surgery after Labor Day.  Enjoy the summer.  It would be nice to have one summer in the last few years not in a boot or on crutches.  I can limp around a bit longer.  It will mean surgery and a boot for 6 weeks.  Boo!

The shot did nothing!  Waste of time.

Since it will be a complicated surgery she is going to have to think about it and plan for it.  I have torn a ligament or whatever that doesn't normally get torn.  Leave it to me!

Until tomorrow...

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