Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I called to get my MRI results.  The doctor rambled off a bunch of words that sounded Chinese to me.  All I heard were "ankle joint" and "cartilage ding".  It turns out that a bunch of stuff is wrong but not what I thought.  They didn't see a ligament tear.  They saw a thickened healed ligament with synovitis.  Synovitis is an inflammation of the joint lining. 

There is also a cartilage ding that is 7mm long with edema on my ankle top on the inside of my ankle.  I find that weird since it doesn't hurt there. The doctor asked me if I fell down and hurt my ankle.  Not that I remember. 

There is arthritis (duh) on the outside top part of my ankle.  I bet if you did an MRI of our bodies you would see arthritis on all of our joints!  There is also a weird brightness on the MRI on the inside above my ankle.  Like I have a giant bruise.  I don't have a giant bruise or a little bruise.  Or any bruise.  It is so odd.  I can't wait to see the MRI.

This was a surprising result.  So the short term plan is to inject me and try to get some of the joint swelling down.  I am not looking forward to another injection in my foot/ankle but I guess it is better than having surgery right away.   Yay!

Until tomorrow...

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