Monday, July 27, 2015


I went to lunch with my friend H today.  I tried vegan Indian food for the first time.  It was good but I think next time I will try another dish.  I am sure the dish was good it just wasn't tasty to me.  I would like another thing better.  I like the vegan naan.  It was so soft and warm. 

I tried wearing flatter dress shoes today to see if my ankle feels better.  It did feel better until I sat at the restaurant and sat with my feet in a position that caused my ankle to get stiff.  I have a habit of sitting at tables with my feet perpendicular to the floor.  Toe pointing toward the floor.  This causes my ankles to get stiff.  Then I end up limping.  A few blocks later I feel fine but for a few blocks my ankle hurts.  I definitely felt better with the flatter shoes.  This brings up an interesting point.  Why do the flat shoes hurt less?  What could that mean? 

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