Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The stair treads that I ordered for Happi have finally arrived!  I ordered them almost three weeks ago and the company forgot to ship them.  I kept seeing that a fed ex slip had been filled out for shipping but no shipping had occurred.  I finally after 1.5 weeks contacted them and asked what was going on.  They shipped them out the next day with a one-line apology.  If these treads weren't rated the best for dogs, I would have canceled the order.

I got the box today and put them down immediately.  They are great.  I gave Happi a treat to come down the stairs and she flew down the stairs.  I had her go up the stairs and called her down again and she flew down the stairs on her own.  She has gotten over her fear of the stairs.  The treads fixed her slipping problem and now she is good.

This makes me so happy.  I hated seeing my confident dog stand at the top of the stairs and shake in fear when she wanted to go out back to pee.  Poor thing hated me picking her up to carry her down the stairs.  I was also so worried that she would slip down the stairs when I was not looking.  Now I don't have to worry anymore. 

There is peace again in the house.

Until tomorrow...

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