Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I had the handyman come today and get a ton of stuff done. 

I finally got my towel rack where I wanted it.  I have had the kitchen towel hooked on the refrigerator door for years.  It is across the room from the kitchen sink.  I have always hated it but there was no towel rack.  Today the handyman installed a towel ring to hold my kitchen towel.  It is going to take a while for me to remember it is there because I keep going across to the refrigerator!  It is funny how the little things make you happy.

The handyman also fixed this weird vibration from my drier that was driving me crazy for the last 6 months.  He also fixed a toilet paper holder that I thought was going to have to be replaced.  He moved another toilet paper holder from an area where it was loose and moved it to a stud.  It looks great.  He installed a new doorbell and fixed the wiring.  He looked at a light situation but realized he could not fix it, we need an electrician.  I am really happy getting these things done. 

My next door neighbor is painting his house.  He told me he was painting his house a new color.  I was happy because his house is Pepto Bismol color.  You tell me if you think the color is different. To me it just looks like a darker shade.  It is not faded yet!

Until tomorrow...

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