Friday, July 24, 2015


I contacted a handyman to come and fix some things around the house.  It has been a long time since things have been attended to and I had a long list.  One of the big things is water is leaking in at two places.  I have been slow to attend to it because there is a drought out here in the west coast and at this rate it may never rain again.  So fixing water leakage is not my top priority.  Figuring out how to keep water in my pond and keeping my plants alive, is my top priority.

The handyman looked at the construction errors and told me he could either fix the problems or can manage fixing them.  One problem is that one area of my concrete floor gets wet when it rains hard.  Different contractors told me it was the water seeping up through the concrete floor.  I never believed them because that seemed illogical.  If water was seeping why would it seep in only one place?  Then one day when it was raining I put plastic outside along the side of the house.  The floor did not get wet.  I figured the rain was leaking in from outside the house.  The handyman found a space where the tiles on the house are not meeting and the water is probably leaking in there.  Good that he found it.  Bad that it has been going on forever.  He says he can fix it.  Let's hope he doesn't have to rip out the wall or that there are termites.

The other leak is more complicated and will take removing a deck, re-tarring the roof and fixing the flashing along the gutter.  Lots of moving parts.  Thank goodness it isn't going to rain anytime soon!  For once a drought works in my favor!

The other items like fixing my toilet and drier noise will be easy to fix.  I have to go buy some lights and a new doorbell. 

I am going to get the house back in shape in a few months.  Yay!

Until tomorrow...

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