Sunday, June 15, 2014


I hurt my foot back in late March.
Also in medical news, I called my doctor about my sore foot.  My left foot has been bothering me since our vacation.  I am not sure if it is from the bad massage or from banging it on something or just from walking.  My primary told me to see my podiatrist.  She can see me in the morning.  My primary said I am too complicated!  Well, he said my left ankle/foot is too complicated.  That is the ankle that I tore my ligament and walked on it for a year prior to it being found that I tore the ligament and had surgery.  More news on this tomorrow.
 Went to the doctor to hear I have a stress fracture.

The pain subsided then started up again. Turns out I have RSD.

This means crutches and PT for weeks.

I have lots of PT homework. Some days my foot looks like it is getting better and other days it looks like my recovery is going in reverse. Today was a reverse day. My foot ached all day long. I tried to keep off it for a large part of the day.

I am sure it will feel better tomorrow.

Until tomorrow....

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