Sunday, June 22, 2014


Tonight I did what "they" tell you not to do.  I googled RSD. I was talking to a relative and they told me they knew someone with RSD. So far I have heard of three people with RSD that friends of friends know. I guess this is not as rare as I thought.  

So tonight I googled it. Boy, that was a mixture of scary and depressing. I had to close the window after a few minutes. I am hoping only the people who couldn't be cured were the ones writing into this website and the people who could be cured didn't write in. Otherwise no one ever gets cured. People have been misdiagnosed and living with this for 20 years. Even those diagnosed seem to have it for years. That is not my plan.  I see the foot doc this week, I guess I need some more info.  I got kinda freaked out. 

I guess this is why they tell you not to google things. 

Until tomorrow...

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