Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I started in ernest on cleaning my office. I emptied out six bags/briefcases/computer bags. I have a bunch of clients and when I get really busy I just grab a bag to put my work in for a client. So I end up with a different bag for each client. Now that work has slowed, I spent the day cleaning out the bags.

I found about 10 pens, a bunch of post-its, many paper clips, and tons of junk to recycle. I kept about 3%.  I am going to wash the cloth bags and I cleaned off the leather bags. 

This week I want to clean off my chair. I have this great wing backed chair that is wonderful to read or work in. Right now it has a ton of junk in it and I want to clear it off. 

My foot was less painful this morning but now it is throbbing. 

Until tomorrow...

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