Monday, June 16, 2014


This morning I got up really early to go to physical therapy (PT).  A few weeks ago my physical therapist "L" set up a number of future appointments. One of them was at 8:30 am today. I schlepped all the way to the office (on my crutches) at the crack of dawn.  When I got there they told me I didn't have an appointment. I explained that I did have an appointment scheduled.  It turns out that L made a mistake when she booked the appointment and didn't save it in the computer or something.  I had it on my calendar but they didn't have it on theirs.

They told me I could hang around for an hour for another appointment.  I was not interested in hanging around for one hour at 8:30 am with nothing to do.  I told them I would see them on Wednesday. 

I will be sending them a bill with my cancellation rate.  I do get to charge them a cancellation fee, right??  At least it can charge them for my parking fee.

Until tomorrow...

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