Saturday, June 28, 2014


Yesterday we watched That Awkward Moment. Today we watched August Osage County.  Tonight I watched Prometheous.

That Awkward Moment was funny. Not fall on the floor funny but cute. It reminded me a lot of a Matthew McConaughey movie where he didn't want to get married and tried to get his group of buddies to stay single too. 

August Osage County, what can I say? I liked it better than the play.  I had a hard time hearing all the dialogue during the play. It is a hard balance to play a drug addict AND be able to speak clearly.  It is easier in a movie because if the dialogue us not clear they just do a retake.  Plus it is Meryl Streep. Need I say more.

Prometheous. This is a hard one. For about one-third of the movie I was lost. What was going on? Then I would figure it out then get lost again.  There were some requisite gory scenes where I covered my eyes.  I didn't dig the story line. 

Today the gardener came by to schedule the work on the backyard. Only a couple of more weeks. Yay! 

Road the stationary bike for 30 minutes today. I am pushing my foot just a little.

Until tomorrow...

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