Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Today I waited and waited for the Comcast tech guy to call. Tick tock. No call.

I went to my PT appointment and called Comcast when I returned. I got another helpful customer service guy.  I spent ANOTHER half hour on the phone with this guy and he got me no closer to watching any adult shows on my iPad or computer.  But he was very nice and told me all about the Philippines.  When we hung up a each from Comcast was supposed to call but it is 7 pm and I am not holding out hope. 

I googled the error message and now there are 9 sites dedicated to this error message. Lots of other peoples are having the same issue but it doesn't seem like anyone can figure out a fix. So I am stuck for now. This last guy said I am supposed to get a credit on my bill for the inconvenience but I feel like I need to follow up on that!

PT follow up: the PT "L" told me she is not sure why I am feeling all this pain. She gave me some other exercises to try. She doesn't understand that this is about the time I get bored with PT and stop doing it on my own. I only have so much stamina.  But she did give me the OK to use the stationary bike so I am stoked about that! 

Until tomorrow...

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