Sunday, June 22, 2014


We went to see Maleficent today. It was a last minute decision.  A friend and I had talked about going to the movies this week but the iPad debacle kinda took up most of my week. Oh that and the possible UTI. So we never connected.

Today Brenda and I were supposed to do various things but we had all sorts of excuses: it is really windy and we don't really NEED food to eat, heck, you can do that tomorrow. You know how it is. Why complete a chore when you can put it off until tomorrow and go to the movies today? 

The movie was good. As Brenda would say: not what we expected. I am not sure what she expected but I don't ever remember reading the original Sleeping Beauty. I grew up on the Disney versions of life. Because it is the happiest place of earth!  I know this was Disney also but it was a darker Disney. 

Overall I liked the movie. The pace was good. The characters were good. The story kept me interested. Four out of five stars from me.

On a side note: since you have never been to our home, we have a giant framed picture of old original Maleficent in our dining room. I mean giant. Okay not 64" flat screen giant but 3'x4.5' big.  People always comment on it. 

 Until tomorrow...

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  1. ...and of course, now I must know why you have a giant, framed picture of Maleficent in your living room. In the original story, she didn't have a back story--she was just evil, as so many fairy tale villians were. I read that Disney gave her a more sympathetic origin in this story..

    Did this version have a dragon, like the original Disney Maleficent did? It was my favorite part of the original ... or... maybe the dragon WAS Maleficent?

    Heheheh.... thanks for the conjured memories. Stay well. Let's hope those winds die down.


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