Thursday, May 29, 2014


Went to the doc today and got the big news about my foot. Seems I have a 1. "horizontally oriented non displaced trabecular stress fracture distal third metatarsal shaft with associated periosteal new bone formation, intense bone edema, and extreme subperiosteal edema." 2. "No evidence of intermetatarsal space mass or bursitis." 3. "Bipartite tibial sesamoid bone with intense stress reaction."

Number 1 means I have a stress fracture that is beginning to heal. Yay! The fracture is in the bone in my foot directly in from my middle toe.  The bone edema is a reaction to the stress fracture. There is swelling in the bone. It should go away once the fracture heals.

Number 2 gives me good news: no bursitis or neuroma.

Number 3 this means my big toe bone is having an intense stress reaction.  Probably from walking funny from the pain.

All this does not explain the swelling, pain, redness and heat coming off my foot.  The doc thinks I have RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome). That means my sympathetic nervous system is having an excessive response to pain.  Burning pain, edema, sensitive to touch, and warm to the touch are some of the symptoms.  To fix it I need to stay off my foot, so I am on crutches. I also need to go physical therapy and do exercises at home. 

She seems to think I will be ready to do the bike ride in August.  Can you believe I hurt my foot 2 months ago?  

Now there is a plan! Yay!!

Until tomorrow...


  1. That's all great news, Adrienne (well, except that the bone fractured in the first place). I'm glad for you, even if using sticks is a real PITA. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Thanks Wren you are always so supportive!


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