Monday, June 30, 2014


My PT went really well today. Still painful but constructive.  When L rubs my tendons and ligaments I swear I almost jump off the table. It hurts much less than it did two weeks ago. I spoke to her about my foot cramping issue.  I guess the ligaments and tendons are tightening up since I am not walking much on my foot. I have to roll a tennis ball under my foot to loosen things up.  The only thing is, my dogs keep stealing the ball to play! 

When we adopted the second dog we had to take away all dog toys because the dogs kept get into fights over the toys.  See Happi is a toy hoarder. She doesn't know how to play with toys (you throw a ball and she runs after it, picks it up and runs away with it) but she wants them all for herself. Lucky loves to play with toys and I spent a lot of time teaching her to return the ball but she will get the toy, take it to her cage, growl at you, chew the toy up and eat it.  So all the toys got taken away and put in a drawer.  For awhile there were moments of crying dogs near the drawer but soon they gave up. They did not understand my resolve.

Today I also found out I can go down to using one crutch.  For times like a concert situation I will still use the two crutches for safety but from now on one crutch. Yay!

I rode the stationary bike for 1 hour/10 miles today. Feeling good.

Until tomorrow...

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